Trump supporters… special?

Untitled-1I feel strongly attached to the Lock the Gate movement, saving our planet. Does that make me any better than a Trump supporter, I wonder, who feels to be saving America?
I share with Trump supporters that I feel that MY movement is very important; and that it represents probably the silent majority. I don’t really understand how people could not participate in my movement. I like that the movement is strong, with good and clear leadership. It makes me feel good to be in the movement, and I like to show that. I know the essentials of the goals of my movement but not really the details; I trust that our leadership knows that. The goals are very clear, translated in plain one liners. I also like the methods used by my movement and I feel strong ties with other members; it’s good to be in their company. I am, almost in advance, suspicious of critics of my movement.
Am I really so different from any Trump supporter?

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