Really busy

3d cover (Custom)We’ve already got well, well over 100 people who will attend the launch of Green Island in the Sky on 9 October 2016. It will be a very colourful, pleasant event with interesting people, and good drinks and nibbles.
img_7367a-final-customThe preparations take a lot of time and effort, and being ‘self-publishers’ we have to do everything ourselves, from arranging the venue, to sending out the invites, organising the programm and in between making sure the books will arrive. We’re also running an online photo competition to raise the awareness of the upcoming launch, and of course we are arranging enough points of sales to get the book on the market. No time for much else, let alone to update this blog.
We are going well, though, and so is Boris. He still claims his daily long walk!
Regarding our online presence, we focus on Green Island in the Sky website ( with the photo competition) and on the facebook pages about the book The visits to the site already exceed 600 a day, and posts on facebook have a reach of over one thousand. It’s a steep learning curve about modern media! We also picked up a big pull up banner, we are preparing market stalls (plus insurance, this is Australia) and we recorded last week the ‘author interview’. Forget what the book was about? Click the trailer below!

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