Land clearing never ends

A quick calculation: In Australia annually 680,000 ha of land* are legally cleared, mainly by farmers. With an average of 400 trees/ha that are 240 million trees per year, or 960 million in 4 years.
Last month the federal government committed to pay $ 42 million to Landcare, to plant 20 Million Trees in the next 4 years.
Have we lost the plot?
Another way of calculating: the above mentioned land clearing equals the creation of 280m tonnes of Carbon. The government ‘buys’ carbon emissions to meet the standards of the Paris agreement for currently $ 12/tonne. Just to make up for the land clearing in the next four years will cost the budget $ 3.5 billion!
Have we lost the plot?
* in 10 years, land the size of Tasmania is being cleared.

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