From Holland with Love, day 20: donkeys

A donkey walk in Olst for Ellen’s 60th birthday. A walk, beautiful flowers and insects on this lovely summer day and a car break down on the way back.

IMG_6466a (Custom)

IMG_6573a (Custom)

IMG_6575a (Custom)

IMG_6475a (Custom)

IMG_6480a (Custom)

IMG_6487a (Custom)

IMG_6492a (Custom)

IMG_6570a (Custom)

IMG_6531a (Custom)

IMG_6509a (Custom)

IMG_6563a (Custom)

IMG_6567a (Custom)

IMG_6499a (Custom)

IMG_6495a (Custom)

IMG_6459a (Custom)

IMG_6457a (Custom)

IMG_6580a (Custom)

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