From Holland with Love, day 11: wind mills

Despite huge numbers of windmills in certain parts of the country, the contribution of wind energy to the total energy supply in The Netherlands is very limited. Holland uses 119 billion kWh per annum, wind power produces only 5 billion kWh. That is about 4%, in a country notorious for its wind and wind mill history. Holland is not really an example of a future oriented economy with respect to renewables: in the EU only Malta and Luxembourg have lower percentages.
Whether windmills are beautiful or ugly is a matter of taste. Personally I get a great feeling of seeing new ways in which energy is created; I prefer this over deforestation and smoking chimneys of power plants and prefer to teach myself to appreciate it. Similar to the ‘ugly’ solar paneled roofs.
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From Holland with Love, day 11: wind mills — 1 Comment

  1. Het moderne Kinderdijk. Soms staan er erg veel bij elkaar en dat stuit op veel verzet. De halve Flevopolders staan er vol mee. Het is goed en het levert energie op, maar de echte eindeloze vergezichten heb je niet mee.

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