Celebrating life

IMG_d1423cropped (Custom)Once a year we celebrate the simple fact that we were born. The other 364 days we really should celebrate the simple fact that we live, and are alive. But we don’t, or at least: I don’t. Eight years ago I decided that I will do that, one day per year; I chose the 25th of August for that.
cap250816 (Custom)Isn’t it incredible that all the molecules that make up ‘me’, all ended up on one tiny planet, with no other place to accommodate life in zillions of kilometers around us? Not only that: all these molecules even came together to created ‘my life’; all of’em in the right place. It’s worth acknowledging that! So I went with Boris to the beach for long walk in the sun and the breeze; and a little dip in the Pacific. With afterwards a lovely cappuccino in Burleigh. An extra large one, for the occasion.

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