Ceduna… alcohol racism

The 'Thirsty Camel' bottle shop of Streaky Bay offers unlimited supply of alcohol

The ‘Thirsty Camel’ bottle shop of Streaky Bay offers unlimited supply of alcohol

In Ceduna, yesterday, the only people on the streets were Aboriginals, staring into eternity, rather filthy and without any communication.
In the Ceduna bottle shop we could have bought a two litres casks of wine, for $ 15, limited to one cask per person per day.
Today we buy, 80 kms away, in Streaky Bay, at the bottle shop a 5 litres casks for $ 15, unlimited supply. We need our daily shot of Sangria!
A difference in local legislation.
Why? Because Aboriginals they don’t live in, or even go to, Streaky Bay, because at the time of colonisation the local Aboriginals were in a massacre thrown off the cliffs by the British. For them this place is hell.
But the result is that the local government has no alcohol restrictions imposed here.
Aboriginal people drinking just outside Ceduna

Aboriginal people drinking just outside Ceduna

In my opinion these differences in laws are racist. All over Outback Australia local governments limit the freedom of management of bottle shops by imposing small supplies for high costs, if Aboriginals live in the area. That is the only reason.
Even if the intention is okay (to reduce the alcohol-impact on the Indigenous people), than still these laws are racist.
Could anyone imagine that similar laws would exist in any European country?
If racism is wrong, than it is always wrong…. it does not become right if it suits you.
Solving alcoholism in Australia will require other measures than patronizing certain groups because of their skin colour.
Also because alcoholism is – certainly in Australia – not limited to people with a dark skin….


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  1. I agree with your sentiment. However, I support the banning of all takeaway alcohol across the country. Why not enjoy your sangria at a local hotel or restaurant and walk home safe.

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