A Dutchman’s lonely grave

IMG_4322-1Artist Henk Guth was born in Arnhem, Holland in 1921. In 1960 he emigrated to Melbourne and in 1966 to Alice Springs, where he opened the Art Gallery Guth. In 1971, plans were drawn up for the Panorama Guth, a circular painting on canvas to be viewed from a central platform, giving the impression of standing on a look-out.IMG_4323-1The panorama depicted the many scenic attractions of Central Australia and was finally completed in August 1975 and opened to the public. In 2002 the gallery went almost broke; two business men saved it. Guth died a few months later and in 2005 the panorama was burned down in a fire and was demolished. The cause has never been found.
During our two days visit to the West MacDonnells we find Guth’s grave, near Ormiston Gorge, in the middle of nowhere.


A Dutchman’s lonely grave — 1 Comment

  1. The middle of nowhere? This is in the middle of one of the most beautiful countries and continents in the world, the very reason Henk Guth chose this location in the spiritual heartland of Australia, in the shadow of Mt Sonder. This is the country he loved and painted often.

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