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The best home on wheels ever… with a 1st floor. That is and was our experience in our Spirit of Curiosity.
In the 2000’s the previous owner did up the former Transperth bus during six years, before living in it for another three years. We bought it in 2011 and lived in it ever since. The Spirit is a very reliable Mercedes bus which has never let us down. It legally seats five people when driving, it sleeps six at permanent beds. The solid Mercedes engine starts and runs smoothly. Because of a double axle (not triple) only an MR driver’s license is required. Because the gear box is full automatic, it is very easy to drive.The Spirit weighs 11 tonnes and is suitable to easily tow the 1200 kg – optional – trailer which can host a small 4WD. The GVM is 16 tonnes, allowing lots of weight space, to store anything you like to take with you.
The storage in the bus and in the separate bedroom is abundant.
The engine is located in the back, making the noise minimal during travelling.
The bus is very comfortable, with a complete kitchen, fridge, washing machine in the trailer, toilet and shower (combined), stove, 500 litres of drinking water, 500 litres of grey water storage and an aircon and television. An aerial can be fitted on the roof, or in front of the bus.
A fixed staircase leads to the first floor, which provides an additional 20 m2 of floor space, half of it indoors. The room on the first floor is rain resistant and can easily be used as a spare guestroom, or – as we did as well – as a studio/music room. It has windows and fly screens around. In addition the deck provides a lovely private space, far away from the ‘on ground world’.
The Spirit is equipped with a top of the range convertor / electric system, supplying the entire bus with 240 Volts. The 760 Watt solar power system makes the entire unit completely grid-independent. We hardly ever stayed at any camp ground. The batteries for the engine are separate of the battery system for the home section: four 6 Volt deep cycle batteries in excellent condition.
In addition a 5.5 kVa generator will help you through any periods of very bad weather… we used the genny less than ten times in three years.
The driving height is 4 metres, 300 mms lower than the height required for governments to keep clear for vehicles. Therefore, it effectively is no problem to even cross towns. When camping, the top roof can be lifted to become a room offering a standing height of 2 metres. Lifting it can be done by hand (within one minute) or with the use of two actuators, doing the job in 10-15 minutes electrically.
At the back of the first floor the deck is located, approximately 12 m2 with a BBQ table and gas bottles.
The bus and trailer (and car in the trailer) hardly consumes more diesel than a 4WD / big caravan combi: 3-4 kms per litre.
The water system runs with a pump, making it similar to anything you experience at home. In addition a gas-hot water system provides a constant and more than sufficient supply of hot water to the kitchen and shower.
Two of the six tires have done less than ten thousand kilometers, the other four about 35,000 kms, the total distance we covered in three years. They should normally last till about 100,000 kms because they can be re-grooved.
The Spirit needs a service every 10,000 kms, a small service in about 3,000 kms. A big service is not due for another 60,000 kms. The bus passed the last roadworthy without any issue in November 2014; since then it has been parked and only be cleaned and prepared for sales.
The rego is due in November 2015.
Our Spirit of Curiosity has served us extremely well. It is a uniquely designed vehicle: you will not find anything like it anywhere.
Only health reasons forced us to sell it now; we could easily have lived in it much longer. Both the outside, construction and inside are in excellent shape: no action needed before living in it.
Hopefully it will find a new owner who will be as happy with it as we have been.
Price $ 84,990. More info at (07) 5536 5588, Surf City Motors, Tweed Heads.
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  1. Hi, Jaap, the foot switch , yes Merc use the kill switch on the floor, or in some models if you pull accel pedals up.we saw you at Airlie beach at Seabreeze.

    • Thanks Keith! I used the pedal up method – but that was rather inconvenient. After fixing the push button about two years ago life is much easier….. 🙂
      Enjoy your further stay at Airlie!

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