Energy-Owl is your smart partner.

Energy supply is THE major issue for Australia in decades to come.

But…. do you really want to be informed by renewable energy greenies, cigar smoking mining magnets or election focused politicians, all of them only interested in spreading their own biased gospels?
Or do you like to know the simple facts and make up your own mind?

Are you really interested in thousands of figures about kilowatts and CO2 emissions, projected power bills and renewable Energy Targets?
Or do you just like to know the facts, the clean data?

If you like facts, than Energy-Owl is your partner.

Energy is NOT rocket science; everyone can understand it and make up his or her own mind, if well informed.
You ask the questions and Energy-Owl will deliver the answers: without personal interests, without bias and without political correctness.
Energy-Owl simply gives you the facts.
So that you can decide for yourself what you think is the best way forward.