Are electric vehicles ‘clean’ and cost effective?

energy per day = distance travelled per day/distance per unit of fuel × energy per unit of fuel
= 50 km/day / 12 km/litre × 10 kWh/litre = 40 kWh/day for a driver/owner. Cars are much more efficient at lower speeds; electric cars can be much more efficient.

30 kWh per day. Flying once per year intercontinental. Speed and other efficiencvy improvements will not make flying more efficient.

Car vs plane
Car at 110 km/h: 80 kWh/(100 km)
Plane at 900 km/h: 27 kWh/(100 km)
Electric car: 13 kWh/(100 km)

only 2000 electric-only vehicles sold in NEM
jurisdictions to April 2015.While electric vehicles will be a
source of demand, they may also offer battery storage that
could be used to offset peak demand.